Immigration Dna Test in India


Advanced DNA offer Paternity, Maternity, Siblings, Immigration Dna Test etc. in India.


We offer a wide range of testing methods available for establishing a biological relationship for immigration, which include both paternity, and maternity testing. However other relationships can be proved between Siblings, Aunts/Uncles, Nieces/Nephews and Grandparents through our Relationship Testing.


What Is The Process I Need To Follow for an Immigration Test?


Advanced DNA India our Immigration department treats each case on an individual basis. Our qualified team will assess your requirements and advise you on the best testing methods for your particular case.


I. Once you place you order and pay for your test, an Immigration DNA Kit will be specifically prepared for your case and dispatched to you within 48 hours. Our Immigration DNA Kit contains everything you will need for the test, including submission forms, sampling instructions and the sampling kits.


II. Make an appointment with a local GP or registered nurse (Sampler) who will be responsible for collecting all DNA samples.


III. Each person being tested must provide an identification document to confirm identity and two passport-sized photos, which will be signed and dated by the sampler.


IV. For people being tested outside of India collection is normally arranged through the nearest Indian High Commission and the DNA kit will be sent direct from the lab to the embassy involved to arrange sample collection (A fee may be payable in the local currency to the embassy for sample collection and this is not included in the cost if your test.)


V. Once all samples are collected and identification has been authenticated, the samples will be labeled and sealed in the envelopes provided and sent to our offices for testing.


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