Pasadena, California; 19, May 2015: Recording artist Ihsaan Carter was born and raised in Pasadena, Calfornia, and started playing music in elementary school. With a variety of music styles from Pop, R&B, to Hip Hop, Ihsaan is releasing 3 albums over time. As the owner of the company Godly Productions, Ihsaan is an independent artist working to reach new music fans. Albums will include instrumental tracks on “Smooth Vibrations, spiritual songs on “Beverly”, and love songs on “Dear Future Wife”.

Ihsaan Carter

“I started doing music to make art” said Ihsaan. He currently records using the program Pro-Tools, and went to school to learn about production at Video Symphony located in Burbank, Calfornia. “Michael Verdick director of the school when I attended helped me get my foot in the door in the music industry.”, said Ihsaan.

Ihsaan Carter was Baptized as a Christian at New Guiding Light church. He is also familiar with the importance of taking one’s inner faith and showing it in both deed and action, a sense of social responsibility born from religious convictions. He mentioned that his name which stems from the word “Ihsan” is a word meaning, “to do beautiful things”.

In addition to writing and recording music, Ihsaan is also a poet. He writes about, and shares his faith, while giving thanks to God. He clearly expresses his faith in his song lyrics and poetry, while reaching out to connect with others. For more information about Ihsaan Carter and Godly Productions, visit his web site at ! His new albums “Dear Future Wife”, “Beverly”, and “Smooth Vibrations” are being made available there.

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