03, May 2016: With the progress of globalisation, a great deal of trade shows spring up all over the world. These international trade shows pertain to many fields, e.g. electronics, agriculture, mechanism and car shows etc. For any international exhibition halls, there are over ten thousands of booths and it will attract numerous exhibitors and visitors from the globe. If visitors pay a visit to these booths one by one, they will feel exhausted. If exhibition halls apply Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters, the situation will totally be turned around.

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If the sponsors provide the renting service for the visitors, there must be more visitors to attend the trade fair. As we know, people’s physical strength does not permit them to visit every booth. For the exhibition helpers, the Airwheel S series, Q series and Z series are suitable. For those who have never exposed to self-balancing electric scooter, the Airwheel S series and Z series will be their right hands to visit the booths.


The Airwheel S series and Z series are quite easy to steer. By leaning body forward, S series-two wheel self-balancing electric scooter will go forth. When they lean back, the scooter will quickly retreat. The smart system will leave a deep impression on them. If they are not accustomed to the body control, the Airwheel Z series, including Airwheel Z3 and Z5 2-wheeled electric scooters will be their favourite. With the anterior standing design, it accords with principles of ergonomics, and changes the side standing which easily cause fatigue. In addition, visitors will never be worried about running out of electricity, thanks to the replaceable battery design.


If the visitors are intelligent electric scooter players, the Airwheel Q series- twin-wheeled electric scooter will lend them a hand to walk through the exhibition hall, with great flexibility and agility. In a word, with Airwheel intelligent electric scooter, their exhibition day will be fairly productive.

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