26 August, 2014: ID Card Workshop is proud to announce that it has had a major makeover and is now releasing ID Card Workshop 4.0. Better than ever before, this version of the software is easier to use than previous versions, and it boasts many new features. 

The most notable feature upgrade is the new FlashAir WiFi SD card, which allows users to wirelessly transfer photos to the software program, speeding up the process of creating photo ID cards. 

ID Card Workshop strives to provide software that seamlessly carries out all involved processes, and this is exactly what it has achieved with the new 4.0 version. 

When using the new version, users will quickly notice that a data entry bug has been fixed that was formerly present when using Microsoft Excel. Additionally, a bug was fixed that related to using Microsoft Access. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one ID card software, ID Card Workshop 4.0 is for you. From creating ID cards to membership cards and even employee ID cards, this software makes ID card printing as simple as possible. You simply download the program to a computer, take pictures, choose the type of printing format that you need, and then wait for your cards to print. 

Any business looking to establish an in-house membership system will find ID Card Workshop 4.0 to be of the of the utmost value. 

List Of New Features And Improvements: 

New Features:
1. Added FlashAir wireless SD card support for photo importing
2. Added Project settings feature

1. Improved the loading speed of Records Manager when using Microsoft SQL database.
2. Fixed a display bug when using external Microsoft Access database on Printing feature.
3. Fixed a data entry bug when using Microsoft Excel database.

About ID Card Workshop:

ID Card Workshop is an all-in-one id card and membership management software, it enables users to create ID cards, staff cards, membership cards and manage membership data with its inbuilt database management and verification features. 

ID Card Workshop is a “must-have” tool for business owners who wants to establish their in-house membership system and loyalty programs. It can also help employers to create and maintain their employee systems and visitor tracking systems. 

To learn more information and download the free trial version of ID Card Workshop, visit: http://idcardsoftware.net/