Icelandic Camping Cars have considerable experience serving tourists who want to utilize 4x4 jeeps with camping gear for their travels around Iceland. With the island emerging as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, it has always been imperative that travelers and tourists plan ahead for the trip. With the tourist demand in Iceland generally peaking over the summer months of June and August, it is adviseable to book cars in good time. The stream of tourists in 2013 is already significantly up over previous years, despite the fact that winter months tend to be very slow for local businesses:

“We are experiencing considerably increased traffic to our site and a bigger number of inquiries as well as bookings being conducted in the early months of the year, as compared to 2012 and 2011,” said mr. Bogi Jonsson, co-owner of Icelandic Camping Cars .

The Camping Cars have been a huge success with travellers wishing to keep their costs to a minimum. The 4×4 rental Camping cars include a comprehensive package. Each of the cars comes equipped with:

- A roof top tent
- Linen, pillows and duvets
- Gas stove
- Pots and pans
- Dishes and cutlery
- Water tank
- Hot water thermos
- Radio FM/AM
- Unlimited km/miles

So it is possible for customers to not only save on accommodation but also cook meals at their convenience. But it seems there will be a big demand for these amazing rental cars in the coming summer.

“According to data from the main local airline and the Keflavik international airport, there is significant growth in the number of foreign visitors in the period January to March, and no sign of a downswing from now until visits peak in the summer,” continued mr. Jonsson and went on to say, ”We have added to our fleet of cars in anticipation of what looks to be a very busy spring, which could possibly lead to a record summer.”

To learn more about Camping Cars and their fleet of cars available for rental, please head over to:

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