Fresh water and ice are two things that everyone needs and if you are interested in a low key, self-operating business, Kingdom Ice is the perfect fit.

“All you need is electricity and water supply. Our ice vending machines handle the rest,” said Terry Wilson of Kingdom Ice.

Because of the necessity of fresh water and ice worldwide, Kingdom Ice has recently updated their website to reflect the values of the company.

“Streamlined, efficient and simple to use.  This is the way we build our machines so it was our goal that our website be exactly the same,” Wilson continued.

Each ice and fresh water vending machine is small enough to fit in almost any location or business.  Additionally, the system can accept cash, cards and paper scripts with an option of cashless security.

“Many of our customers choose the cashless option because of the potential for vandalism and damage to the machines.  We give the owner 100 percent autonomy and flexibility in their personal machine operation,” Wilson continued.

Based in Frisco, Texas, Kingsdom Ice has units and operating stations across the U.S.  A part of each dollar of profit goes to disaster relief efforts, a mobile refrigerated trailer providing fresh water and ice to areas affected by disasters.

“Our Disaster Relief program was born out of the idea of assisting others in times of need, especially here at home in the U.S.  Our free ice program has helped countless people and families, but we still are trying to grow more and more,” Wilson added.

For more information about Kingdom Ice, its Disaster Relief program or to purchase a franchise machine, visit their website at

Company Name: Kingdom Ice
Contact: Terry Wilson
Phone: 214-444-3452
Email: [email protected]