The state of Maharashtra over the years has a proven track record in terms of development, infrastructure and industrialization. These three factors have resulted in massive urbanisation and the state has witnessed massive exodus of people from rural areas to the urban areas for employment. The documentary series of IBN-Lokmat, Maharashtra: Kal Aaj Ani Udya will evaluate the pros & cons of urbanisation to its viewers on Saturday 5th October 2014 at 9.30 pm.The Associate Sponsor for this election special show Maharashtra: kal Aaj Ani Udya is ELF Moto-Total.

With an urban population of 45.23%, Maharashtra is third most urbanised among major states, behind Tamil Nadu (48.45%) and Kerala (47.72%). It was second most urbanised in 2001 according to census figures of 2011-2012. The figures from the Census shows that shows that Maharashtra, is now home to the highest number of people living in urban areas.According to the census report urban population growth has accounted for 62.8% of total population growth in Maharashtra. While Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur and Pune are the most urbanised districts. The districts in Vidarbha region like - Gadchiroli, Sindhudurg and Hingoli are the least urbanized in the state.

Urbanisation is considered as a symbol of economic growth and development which the state has witnessed in last two decades. Like its positives urbanisation has its own negatives and challenges. The biggest challenge that our cities today are facing more and more people being crammed into fewer urban centres increasing the density and congestion which has added pressure on the already poor infrastructure. Big cities in Maharashtra like Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Kolhapur have witnessed development but these cities have their own share of problems in terms of urbanisation.

Infrastructure in Maharashtra still today is a major roadblock when it comes to meeting the demand of urbanisation. Cities in Maharashtra are growing but life of the people staying in those cities sadly has not improved. Tune in to IBN-Lokmat Maharshtra: Kal Aaj Ani Udya on Saturday 5thoct 2014 at 9.30 pm and watch how urbanisation in Maharashtra has grown at great pace but the infrastructure up gradation to handle it has been below expectations. Also watch repeat telecast on Sunday 6th October at 12 pm and 11 pm