21 July, 2014: Tuesday witnessed the launch of a new website dedicated to providing ideas, tips, detailed analysis and expert talks on top Breast Pumps present in market. Named ‘iberclor.com,’ the blog is meant to help millions across the globe, who are interested in using quality breast pumps but do not know the much about the same. The platform would provide detailed review posts on the Breast Pumps available in market today. 

The primary focus of the website is to get the reviews of all the big brands like Medela (Iberclor.com), Philips Avent (Iberclor.com) and Lansinoh (Iberclor.com) among others. The website presents the real and honest reports detailing the Breast Pumps in order to help the customers to make a wise choice based on their needs. 

Speaking to the media, the representative of the company said, “We are very excited about the launch our new website. With this we aim to help viewers in making a wise choice according to their needs and pick the right product among thousands of options in the market.” He further added, “Millions of people are looking out for information about Breast Pumps, which is becoming an important product in the modern times. We aim to provide a helping hand to them.” 

The device extracts the milk from breasts of the feeder. There are two types of Breast Pumps available in market today – Manual Breast Pumps mechanized by hand or foot movement and Electric Breast Pumps mechanized by electricity. 

Some of the topics already covered by the website include Best Manual Breast Pumps, Best Electric Breast Pumps, Manual Vs. Electric Pumps, Benefits, Drawbacks, Product ratings and Breast Pump Comparison Chart 2014 among others. 

About Iberclor.com: 

Iberclor.com is a review website focusing on the various breast pumps available in market. The site explains the difference between the options available in market in terms of quality, durability and efficiency among others. The website is devoted to all the parents.