I have motherly instincts" says actress Parineeti Chopra

The talented actress shows her nurturing side on Disney Channel’s latest chat show, ‘Captain Tiao’ as it airs on Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 10 AM

The charming and vivacious Parineeti Chopra graced the sets of Disney Channel’s Captain Tiao as the captain’s latest guest. As the adorable child actor Sadhil Kapoor proceeded to grill Parineeti about everything under the sun, the actress first ensured that the eight year old kid finishes his glass of milk. Going by the way the actress was interacting with the 8 year old Sadhil, Parineeti is sure to make a great mum someday. Showing off her maternal side on the show, the actress confessed that she has “motherly instincts”. And this was quite evident in the way she insisted that kids need to take care of their health and hence, drink lots of milk.

‘Captain Tiao’ is a first of its kind short format talk show conceptualized keeping in mind the curious nature of a child and the intriguing questions that children never hesitate to ask. The show presents Sadhil Kapoor as the host ‘Captain Tiao’ who with his mind bending questions get celebrities to reveal some unknown and interesting facts of their lives. This recently launched show continues to bring to life Disney Channel’s promise to Express Yourself, Believe Yourself and Follow Your Dreams with its new refreshing concept.

‘Captain Tiao’ airs this Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 10 AM exclusively on Disney Channel

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