January 29, 2013

Croswell, MI — Locally owned Flash Media announced last week that it has decided to re-launch a previously discontinued web service called I Found A Scam which is located at www.ifoundascam.com.

Flash Media officials hope this re-launch will help cut down on the number of online frauds committed each day by providing online consumers with information on known scam artists. Each time a website or web service is discovered that uses fraudulent claims and fails to deliver or scam tactics to obtain anything from a consumer, be it personal information, banking/financial information or payments, I Found A Scam will make information available to the public about said scam artist free of charge.

Flash Media is best known for its Flash of Insanity News Blog which began as a social experiment attempting to prove that a 39 year old, uneducated and mentally disabled man could write and publish a more relevant and compelling news article than many of today’s trained and skilled writers and journalists. The blog stirred many emotions and even resulted in Flash Media founder Ron Allen being blocked by Yahoo News from being able to make further comments or view video clips published by Yahoo news.

I Found A Scam hopes to turn even more heads than Flash Of Insanity and be an effective help in ending online fraud prevention

More information is expected to be released following a meeting on March 1, 2013.

About Flash Media:

Flash Media is the brainchild of Ron Allen, a mentally disabled man who has a desire to make a positive change in today’s world despite his mental limitations. For more information, please visit http://www.ifoundascam.com/ or http://www.flashofinsanity.com/

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