I am quite opposite in real life says Mohit Malik

Lead role player in Zee TV’s “Doli Armaano ki” shares his real  and reel life experiences


The lead character of Samraat from Zee Tv’s “Doli Armaano ki” has become favorable of TV shows viewers. Mohit Malik the young TV actor is playing a negative role of husband of Urmi (Neha Marda) in the show.

He says” I am quite different in real life against reel life.  Although I am playing a role of cruel husband in the show, but in real life, I love my wife very much. I am doing a challenging role and enjoying it.”

Talking about his hobbies, he said that he is fond of photography. Whenever during shooting schedules, he finds some moments of relaxation, he likes to shoot pictures of famous spots and natural beauty of the places of shooting. He loves cricket and plays it whenever finds time. Irfan Khan is his favorite hero and TV show Gumraah is his most loved show.

Mohit also received an offer of doing a bollywood movie but he did not accept the same because he wants to see “ Doli Armaano ki” as the biggest TV show on small screen.

We hope that the talented actor will be successful to achieve various goals of reel and real life.


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