United Kingdom, June 10, 2014: Real estate development is a task of much technicality and investment for long terms. Therefore, mere correctness in design and following construction regulations are not enough for an optimum finish to any project. The current age demands optimisation in architecture so that the expense of maintenance is the least. Hussain Architectural Design Limited works with the same motive. It is multi-disciplinary construction consultancy that can provide professionally sound advice for any stage of real estate development. It is based in Burnley and has offices in London, Manchester and Huddersfield too. Since design is integral to any real estate development project, the consultancy is able to provide to the best service when consulted for full cycle of development.

Every architect at Hussain Architectural Design Limited is adept in real estate development can provide sound and beneficial advice in design, planning, permission, extension, eco-friendliness and other aspects of development. It is headquartered in Burnley and provides service at national scale. It assists its clientele in planning and execution of strategies for optimisation of construction, operations and use of property and property-assets. The company delivers value in its service by the application of technology, professional skills and knowledge. It provides development monitoring, surveying, project management and architectural services throughout the UK and especially in the North of England.

Hussain Architectural Design Limited has continually improved and streamlined its services through the years of its existence. It has delivered multiple projects that demanded extensive knowledge in and understanding of residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout the United Kingdom. One of the significant services that is overshadowed by other provision of Hussain is the extensions. The company provides full assistance in house extensions, certificate of lawfulness, permitted development clarification, appeals, etc. The fold of its services includes development of leisure, entertainment and sports facilities, sustainable development with renewable energy and conservation and heritage projects.

Hussain Architectural Design Limited has a team of highly imaginative, creative and innovative architects who are committed towards the development of buildings that are as much environmentally and economically responsible as they are striking. The projects of the company are always in accordance with the building regulations of the local government authority. However, clients are not left to fend for themselves with just that. Hussain is committed to provide extended support towards planning permission too. Thus, customers get full package of professional assistance and service from one consultancy. It is not only affordable for property owners and developers but the resultant project usually exceeds expectation too. Hussain Architectural Design Limited has received multiple awards and recognition for excellence in its domain of service.

About Hussain Architectural Design Limited:

Website: www.hussaindesigns.co.uk

HussainArchitectural Design Limited is a multi-disciplinary specialist consultancy headquartered in Burnley. It provides full scale of services from designing to construction and further. It has undertaken diverse development projects such as industrial, residential, commercial and institutional buildings and complexes.