East Earl, PA — Spring rains bring wet roads, leading to increased traffic accidents.  One of the easiest ways for drivers to maintain vehicle safety is to purchase new tires when the old tires start to show wear.  By offering $20 off a set of new  tires Lancaster  area tire dealer, Hurst’s Tire Service, makes buying new tires more affordable.

When buying new  tires Chester County PA  residents have to take a number of factors into consideration.  Is the tire dealer offering the best price?  Does the dealer have an adequate selection?  What kinds of service and support does the dealer offer after the sale?  Selling tires Lancaster residents need for over 60 years, Hurst’s has the answers to these questions and more.

The $20 discount on a set of new tires increases affordability and is added on top of Hurst’s Tire Service’s already low prices.  The tires Lancaster residents find at other retailers cannot match the price at Hurst’s.  The selection of tires Chester County PA retailers offer is not as varied as Hurst’s.  At Hurst’s they can provide tires for any vehicle and keep a huge selection in stock for immediate use.  With a special combination of price and selection, Hurst’s continues to be the place to get tires Lancaster shoppers need.  Even after the sale, Hurst’s provides exemplary customer service.  From balancing to retreading and repair, tires Lancaster area shoppers purchase at Hurst’s can be serviced by highly trained professionals, should the need arise.

Buying a set of tires is expensive, so it is necessary to choose a dealer with great prices, selection and service.  When it comes to tires Lancaster shoppers have trusted Hurst’s Tire Service for over 60 years.  In order to show their appreciation to their customers, Hurst’s now offers a $20 discount on a set of new tires.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit  http://www.hursttireservice.com/  or call (717) 354-4931.