Newport Beach, CA: It’s that time again and Hunter Hotel Advisors does not plan on disappointing their collective audience. BLLA’s Hotelier of the Year and a leader in the Boutique Hotel spectrum, Paul Ruffino will address the attendees when he joins the panel of what is proven to be one of the most popular panels at the event; What is Special about Owning and Operating Boutique & Lifestyle Hotels?

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Typically boutique hotels are furnished in a themed, stylish and/or aspirational manner. Boutique hotels are often individual and focused on offering their services in a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming setting, so they are very unlikely to be found amongst the homogeneity of large scale, chain hotels. Despite this definition, the popularity of the Boutique term and concept has led to some confusion about the term. Boutique hotels have typically been unique properties operated by individuals or companies with a small collection. However, their successes have prompted multi-national hotel companies to try to establish their own brands in order to capture a market share.

Where Ruffino was credited with helming the Boutique movement in San Francisco & Los Angeles, New York has remained a relevant center of the Boutique Hotel phenomenon, as the original Schrager-era boutique hotels are joined by scores of independent and small-chain competitors, mainly clustered about Midtown and downtown Manhattan.

The Boutique segment of the hospitality industry is growing as global travelers spend more of their travel dollars on experiential travel. Frances Kiradjian, Founder, Chair & Publisher of the BLLA will be acting as moderator for the panel. Join the select group of executive panelists as they present their findings to provide their audience with enhanced knowledge about this burgeoning and exciting aspect of the hospitality sector.

Joining Mr. Ruffino, Sr. Vice President of Kept Hotels & Resorts will be a panel of respected industry notables including, Tom Griffiths, EVP Americas, Worldhotels, John Logan, CEO, Mirbeau Hospitality and Richard Millard, Chairman & CEO, Trust Hospitality.

In conjunction with Hunter Hotel Advisors and Georgia State University’s Cecil B. Day School of Hospitality, the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference is considered one of the top hotel investment conferences in the nation. Since their first conference in 1989, Hunter has had a consistent focus on what they deliver to the industry…a hotel real estate & finance conference designed for hotel owners

The theme of the conference this year is “The Time is Now!”. It’s a call to action for hoteliers to step up and move forward. Whatever considerations are being made, the time is now to develop and implement their plan. What’s on their respective agendas for the year? It is a very good time to refinance, buy, develop, sell, renovate. Are they thinking about growing… searching for financing? “The Time is Now!”

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