Animal Planet’s FRIENDS IN THE WILD connect viewers to the animal kingdom

New Delhi: Animal Planet celebrates the wonders of our natural world and plays a supportive role in its conservation. As India celebrates Wildlife Week this October, Animal Planet airs a special month-long programming line-up FRIENDS IN THE WILD putting spotlight on the wildlife experts, animal conservationists and enthusiasts who are playing critical role as the stewards of the animal kingdom.

Animal Planet offers its viewers a rare perspective of the animal world, portraying interplay of human-animal relationships that appeal to audiences across age groups. Airing every night at 8 pm in October, FRIENDS IN THE WILD is a celebration of the unique and magical friendship between animals and humans. Join Craig Bush on his journey to make wild cats his best friends for life. Explore the natural behaviour of unique creatures in the wild with animal-loving Kratt Brothers. Experience beautiful yet deadly animals, up and close in their natural habitats with Steve Backshall.

Capturing the emotions that are often more explicit in the animal world, explore the wild world through the eyes of humans. In a fabulous celebration of life, Animal Planet’s FRIENDS IN THE WILD will underscore the bewildering diversity of animals on Planet Earth - mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, insects and plants.

Kicking off the line-up is THE LION MAN: AFRICAN SAFARI which follows Craig Busch and his co-workers at Zion Wildlife Gardens as they manage the park and its collection of approximately 30 lions and tigers of various species, and other animals like rhinos and elephants. The programme documents Craig’s mission to search for missing cheetahs, heal desperately ill tigers, and track down unscrupulous rhino killers.

BE THE CREATURE follows naturalists and award-winning wildlife filmmakers, Chris and Martin Kratt, as they live with the animals to get close and experience their point-of-view. With only minimalist survival gear and their camera equipment, the Kratt brothers travel to remote wilderness areas to experience the world as the animals do. Travelling all over the world, they sleep and eat among the grizzly bears of coastal Alaska, keep pace with a pack of wild dogs in central Botswana, and swim with the sea iguanas of the Galapagos — all as they attempt to see the world from the animals perspective and understand how they thrive.

Steve Backshall and his trusty crew go in search of the biggest, fastest, most venomous animals in his deadliest mission ever in DEADLY 60. From lethal beauties to killer beasts, his journey takes him to some of the most hostile and remote places on Earth in order to determine the deadliest top 60.

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