Respected sir,

We draw your attention towards a serious incident in which a senior local journalist was implicated in terrorism case on the personel enmity. Afaq Ahmed Khan,President of Mirpurkhas Union Of Journalists and reporter of daily Express was implicated in a heinous case lodged with town police station on July 30 th , while police did not fulfill its responsibility to conduct preliminary inquiry on the complaint of Abdul Nasir Khan,who stated in the case that three including Afaq Ahmed Khan and two unknown entered into his office room early morning of July 30 th near railway station roundabout at Mirpurkhas. where he and his colleague Nasir Hassan Khan were present. He accused that they beaten them, tied them with rope and hurled the kerosene oil in the room and tried to kill them by burning and escaped away. It is mentioned here necessary that they were only suffocated with smoke and rushed to civil hospital Mirpurkhas where after providing them first aid their condition was normal.

Sir, there was already enmity running for last two years following registration of case against the complainants and his above mentioned colleague on the directives of session court Mirpurkhas. It is highly deplorable that without any preliminary inquiry and violating the human rights, town police lodged the case of attempt to murder, beating under terrorism act against the senior journalist.

Sir, Afaq Ahmed Khan was arrived after performing Umra afew days before that incident while relatives and people were coming to his house to give congratulations. Sir, resentment has been prevailed among the journalist community after the registration of false case against him on the base of enmity without proper inquiry of that incident.

Sir, it is regretted that police deliberately avoided its responsibility in this incident as above journalist was implicated intentionally also of as journalists are performed their professional duties in which police were also hit as result only recieving simple application of Narcotic peddlers and people who are involved in money extortion, police is lodging case of heinous crimes against journalists.

Sir, despite lodging the cases ,journalists would performed their duties without any fear but there is need of justice for journalists and seeking the concerned authorities to take immediate notice and provide justice without any discrimination.

We appealed to you to ask the authorities for immediate order of judicial inquiry into the whole matter as incident occurred with complainant Abdul Nasir Khanand registration of FIR against journalist Afaq Ahmed Khan.

We further appealed to take appropriate action against the police officers who avoided deliberately their duties to conduct the preliminary inquiry before lodging the case and punish them exemplary.

NOTE: Chairperson Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan Madam Aasma Jahangir took immediate notice and sent a letter to Provincial Police Officer Sindh and urged to order inquiry into this matter at appropriate level.She said in that letter that they will be gratefull if PPO let them know of the developments in this regard.

Many thanks,

Qamaruddin sheikh

President National Press Club Mirpurkhas, Sindh,Pakistan.

Contact No: 0333-2991129

M. Hashim Shar

General Secretary National Press Club Mirpurkhas,Sindh,Pakistan.

Contact No: 0333-2962449

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