HrithikRoshan kick starts Season 2 of UTV STARS‘ Live My Life!

Kolkata based, 20 year old JyotiVishwakarma, is a die-hard Fan of HrtihikRoshan. She bears a permanent tattoo with his name on her hand and has over 10,000 pictures of him. For her, Hrithik is God! So much so, that she has decided to stay unmarried for Hrithik all her life! For a Fan such as this, how would it be to meet Hrithik in person? How would it be to not just meet him but step into his shoes as well for an entire day? It would be a ´dream come true‘!

Jyoti was flown in to Mumbai to a very warm reception at the lobby of a suburban 5 star hotel. She was put up in the presidential suite of the hotel where several surprises awaited her! The biggest one being, a letter from Hrithik himself.Jyoti‘s excitement knew no bounds. Little did she know what awaited her the next day! The morning after was equally eventful. Jyoti was treated to a Hrithik special breakfast of 12 egg whites, 1 cup oats, Pineapple, 8 walnuts, Blueberries, Strawberries and Peanut butter by none other than Hrithik‘s personal fitness trainer Chris! Chris filled Jyoti in on interesting anecdotes about Hrithik and also followed it up with a ´Hrithik style‘ work out! What more could Jyoti have asked for? Well, turns out she could. For, this session was soon followed by meetings with SurilyGoel, Karan Malhotra and Suzanne Roshan! Suzanne went out of her way to make Jyoti feel at ease and even gave away a lot of presents to the lass. In fact, the two of them had a heart to heart discussion about Hrithik! It was a heart- warming sight indeed! However, the highlight of the day was the Hrithik‘s surprise visit to Jyoti! He walked in to meet her while she was sitting all by herself. Jyoti was so overwhelmed that she was speechless for about 10 minutes. Hrithik hugged her tight and made her feel very comfortable. He also made coffee for the girl. Jyoti was in tears; she was meeting her Hero, her God, in person! It didn‘t get better than this!

Tune in to watch this heart - warming and overwhelming episode of Live My Life, featuring HrithikRoshan and his biggest Fan, JyotiVishwakarma, this Sunday, 21st October 2012, at 7 pm only on UTV STARS



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