Hrithik and Akki are like brothers to me — VivekOberoi


VivekOberoi wore his heart on his sleeve on the latest episode of UTV STARS’ YehHaiMeriKahani. He spoke at length about his rather challenging journey in the film industry.

VivekOberoi’s career graph has been fairly different from that of many others and he accepted this on National television. He mentioned that he experienced success early and then had to start from scratch all over again. It was almost like life, rather his career, had taken a U-turn. On being asked about his high point in his career and thereby his life itself, Vivek said that his high point was yet to come. He spoke about being offered the role in ‘Company’ and how that was indeed a turning point in his life. His mother, he said, was his role model and he looks up to her much more than he looks up to God. He also spoke about his relationship with Akshay Kumar and HrithikRoshan. He said that both are like his brothers and that he can always look up to them for guidance and help. In fact during the release of ‘Company’, Akshay told him: “teretohsirf 4 film flop huyehain…meretoh line se 17 films flop ho gaye”. Vivek is very positive about the way things are shaping up for him and is very thankful for what and where he is today, despite the troubles and the challenges that he’s had to go through.

To find out more about Vivek’s fascinating journey in the film industry, tune in to ‘YehHaiMeriKahani’, this Sunday, 22nd April 2013 at 7pm only on UTV STARS!





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