HPGas SurakshaSanchetna Abhiyan moves into outreach mode via ‘The longest Safety Walk’

∞ Women’shealthtakes the foreground in this year’s activity across 500 towns∞


Jaipur, Oct 14, 2014: In its latest avatar, Suraksha Sanchetna Abhiyan (SSA) fromHindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), adds a new concept ‘The Longest Safety Walk’ with a new themefocussing on women’s health and gas conservation. HP Gashas strongly taken the prevention of health hazards caused by smoke pollution created by the use of coal, wood based chulahs used in many homes as a theme for the activity this year.


The concept emerges from the organic progress of the SSA concept itself — TheLongestSafety Walk, ‘Har Kadam Suraksha Ki Oar’. FromSeptember till earlyOctober, the SSA team took home their message to over more than 36 thousand homes spread across 140 locations and received an overall footfall of around more than 60 thousand women.


Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Subhankar BiswasGM, LPG Sales and Marketing, HPCL said, “This year, the new approachfocuses on women’s health and gas conservation, along with concentrating onsafety issues that women need to understand and adopt. We decided to communicate the health hazards of using fuels like coal, cow dung, wood etc. In addition to conveying the benefits of using a LPG cylinder in the kitchen, we are also conveying and educating people on ways of the correct and proper use of LPG cylinders such that they don’t put anyones life in jeopardy.”


Tips for women to ensure kitchen safety:

1)      Never shake or tamper with the gas cylinder in an attempt to use up every bit of gas in the cylinder as this can lead to gas leakage

2)      Turn the flame down if you have to be away from the gas for some time e.g. if you are catching up with your favourite TV programme or catering to a guest etc.

3)      Always turn off the regulator at night

With the objective of driving the message closer home, this year, the teamvisited each household to engage and enlighten the members. Instead of delivering the message in a serious and sombre manner, the team chose to conduct their Safety Walk to the rhythm of the Lezim and the infectious and rousing beat of Dhols. Handing out safety cards and drawing pre-designed rangolis (shaped like HPCL logo) outside homes, indicating the goodness it is bringing to that home, was another endearing effort from the team. The messages wereconveyed to the audience through the enactment of3 simple one act street playsand prizes were distributed to those who answered questions correctly. All done in an engaging, simple and fun-filled manner, the activity ended with a Lucky Draw, Prize Distribution and people enthusiastically signingpledges to practice safe gas usage measures to protect lives and even the environment.


The Suraksha Sanchetna Abhiyan (SSA)Safety Walk, organized by the HP Gas,will visit500 small towns / villages across 9 statesviz. Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, Bihar, UP, Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand and it will once again reach out to more than 5 millionhouseholdsthis year.


Over the last 2 years of the SSA, the activity hasreached out to almost 700 villages and engaged with over 8.5 million people with their crucial safety messages. In the first edition, the campaign leveraged the village mela format with participation from women folk. Following the encouraging response received, HPCL,in the second edition, addressed the men of the family too, to ensure they also followed safety rules and led the womenfolk to also learn safe kitchen habits.


About HPCL

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited commenced marketing LPG under its brand name HP GAS from 1979 with the meagre customer holding of 7.8 lakhs after the takeover of private concessionaires like Kosan Gas, DGPL and JK Gas who were entrusted for marketing LPG by Esso and Caltex.  Today HP GAS lights the fire of over 45million homes all over India through a network of over 3600distributors. Bottled at 46state-of-art bottling plants throughout the country, HP GAS reaches the consumers after undergoing strict quality control tests at every single stage of bottling to distribution.


Today, LPG has become the single most popular household fuel in India. A true cause for celebration, it however places a huge responsibility on our shoulders; the onus of educating all consumers about safe usage of LPG rests heavily on us. This is why, we, as a responsible corporate entity are pledged towards empowering our consumers with knowledge backed by technical support. Suraksha Sanchetna Abhiyan is one of the many such initiatives we undertake for spreading the message of safety and raising the level of safety consciousness among the masses.


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