Whey protein isolate is a whey powder type that has a concentrated protein content which exceed 90%, and has very little amount, if any, of fat and lactose.  Protein performs different bodily functions like the repairing of muscles, bones and cells and controlling some processes in the body.  It is also a good source of energy.  Because of its clear and bland flavor, the whey is made an ingredient of some foods like meats, dairy products, beverages, candies and protein bars.



When protein bars are made from whey protein isolates, what you get is complete protein.  The whey protein contains all the branched chain amino acids that you need in your daily diet.  The amino acids are the building block of protein and work for the promotion of muscle growth.  These branched chain amino acids are directly metabolized into the body’s muscle tissues.  Besides the amino acids, the whey protein bars have leucine in high level, which promotes the loss of fat tissues as well as growth of the muscles. Whey protein has more leucine than soy protein.


A high level of cysteine is also contained in whey protein isolate bars.  Cysteine can boost the immune system by elevating your glutathione level.  Glutathione helps in reducing the number of free radicals that cause cellular damage. When you have cysteine in high level, your risk of developing breast cancer is thereby reduced.  It is also the same if you are a diabetic.  Whey protein bars can help you control your diet, so your blood glucose levels are also controlled.  Because the pregnant women and the senior citizen have increased needs for protein, these people are advised by health authorities to consume foods that are rich in protein.  Occasionally, or when they are unable to have a balanced meal, they can take a food bar that contains mostly whey protein.


Whey protein isolate bars offer convenience, because they do not require utensils to be eaten, they do not need to be prepared, nor to be refrigerated.  You can put some on your gym bags, in the car or in your luggage bags. When your schedules become hectic, or you are traveling in a place where you can’t find a food store, you can take a whey protein bar to satisfy your hunger and have the complete protein that you usually get from a regular meal.  Food bars are portable, so you can take them anywhere and eat them. And don’t forget, food bars are made to taste very well, so it is certain that you will like them.


If you are looking for some food bars, it is better to look at online stores that specialize in whey protein isolate bars.  Buying them online is more economical.  However, if you want to have a taste test first, perhaps you can visit a grocery store and buy several bars.  From there you can decide if you would want to buy online for bigger quantities.  Make sure that you order more than one flavor, so there will be a variety of tastes. 

A healthy choice for a healthy living is very essential as you’ll all know, so go in for protein bars rich in whey protein isolate.