Although accidents may seem the same, they are actually pretty unique, and that can be said about the car accidents claims too. Your claim must be methodically planned considering the various proofs you have that make the case stronger. This can also be said about no win no fee medical negligence claims, which can be pretty hard to demonstrate.


So basically, whether it’s about car accident claims or no win no fee medical negligence claims, what you need to do is gather all the information from the accident spot or the first time you realised that something is wrong and maybe you have been prescribed the wrong medicine.


In order to make your accident claim stronger, you must be able to prove with substantial facts that the accident occurred due to the negligence of the other party. In order to consolidate the evidence you should collect the following important information from the accident scene. Firstly, you have to write down the name, address and phone number of the involved party and actually exchanging personal details like these are legally required at an accident scene.


Giving that every car driver should have an insurance policy against car accident claims, you should find out the insurance policy number of the involved party and the name of the insurance company. You should also collect details like the plate number, type of car and colour of the other person involved in the accident. Furthermore, you should also take some pictures, collect the names from the witnesses, if any, the names of the police officers present at the accident and a copy of the accident report. Also, it is really important that if you are injured in the accident to get a medical report from a doctor and you should inform your insurance company about the accident immediately after it happened.


When it comes to no win no fee negligence claims, things are a bit harder to demonstrate mostly because of the complicated nature of medicine. It is hard to demonstrate that a medical body wanted to do harm or was neglectful when he or she prescribed you some drugs or when they diagnosed you.


You should know that all health care providers can be subject of such a lawsuit, starting from pharmacists, to nurses, dentists and doctors. If they have been careless, then the patient who suffered can make a claim against the medical professional, but this claim can only be successful if it resulted in an actual injury which should not have occurred in normal circumstances.


A very important aspect if you want to win such a claim is to hire a highly experienced lawyer that is actually specialised in medical-neglect, because he can really help you. Of course, he can be expensive, but if you arrange a no win no fee deal, then everything is ok and you can just relax and wait for your entitled compensation.



When you consider that you have been wronged, then you should know that you are entitled to make no win no fee medical negligence claims or road traffic accident claims.