We start by defining what is a Grinder? And which must be taken into account when selecting one?

A grinding machine is a power tool which carries a motor rotating the exchangeable different disks, these may have different sizes and different materials. We can also say that there are different types of mill but not conforming to the exact shape of a grinder.

In the market there are different sizes like mini grinder that your measurements are 115mm and 125mm, large mills with disc measures 180mm and 230mm. Mini grinder have different powers from 500W to 800W, and we can see that the large grinders reach a power of 2300W.

Mini grinder can be used to make many home repairs, such as wood or metal stripping, polishing, making precise cuts or ceramic tiles, and so on.

For a handyman, it is natural to have a mini grinder, a tool that will be sufficient for most of the work he has to do.


The role of a grinder and a mini chopper is the same, the only thing that differs is the use that will be given. For example, to cut a mini iron pipe grinder is good enough to cut so far to have a pavement grinder 180mm disc or 230mm is required.

Finally, we must mention the record, there are different types of discs for cutting various materials, stone, iron, ceramics, stainless metals and diamond discs, all in their corresponding measures may even find discs for grinding. In any hardware store, you can find these types of discs.

We recommend that the use of these tools for mini-mills and large mills still with glasses, gloves and hearing protection must be used, and in some cases such as the use of large helmets mills.

Finally, we leave you a video for the cut


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