What are Binary Options? Binary options are short term, high-yield investments. Unlike other trading instruments, binary options allow you to predict the price of a commodity, Index or Stock without having to buy the asset. As their name suggests, binaries have two possible options – all or nothing – meaning that you will always know, before you execute a trade, what you stand to win or lose.

How are Binary Options Traded? In order to help you understand how these innovative options work, let’s step into the mind of a sample trader, named David. David predicts that by the end of the day his asset (Gold) will close at a higher price than the current one. If he’s right, he’ll receive his payout immediately, if he’s wrong, he’ll receive nothing, but winning he has gain up to 87% of his initial investment. Basically you’re predicting if an asset is going to be going UP or down, it’s that easy.

Who Trades Binary Options? The beauty of binary options is anyone can start binary options. You don’t have to be a math genius or have any previous trading experience. Binary options is very easy to understand unlike forex trading. There’s also special software that helps increase your chances of winning.

What are the advantages of Binary Trading? You’re probably asking yourself, “Are binaries similar to Forex?” The answer is a resounding no. Unlike Forex traders, who often have to wait days for their hard-earned profits, binary traders enjoy immediate returns. No other trading method can boast of such consistent return that is why binary options have become so popular.

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