Oregon, 13 December, 2013: For couples wishing to rekindle their relationship, there’s a new unique program designed to bring back the romance in less than 30 days. Michael Fiore’s recently released program on how to spice up a relationship is entitle “Text the Romance Back”. Mr. Fiore, who is a successful relationship counselor, based his program on an everyday way that people communicate – texting. But he details how to create simple, powerful messages to instantly turn up the romance and reawaken passion for couples. 


Mr, Fiore, who was recently featured on several network programs, radio shows and national magazines, explains that “Text the Romance Back” is based on his extensive work with thousands of couples, as well as an understanding of how romantic feelings are cultivated in both men and women. He explains that there are important differences in how men and women perceive romance and what triggers those feelings. This book is the product of his thorough research and personal discoveries about how to spice up a relationship with strategically worded texts that can help rekindle the romantic fires. 

Says Fiore, “Texting is like having a remote control to your man’s heart and mind. Through certain well-crafted texts, you can create the kind of emotional bait that he will find irresistible. You will be able to hijack your man’s mind and build his romantic craving for you.” This is a step by step set of instructions and “done-for-you” texts” that anyone can use if they desire more intimacy and are looking for guidance on how to spice up a relationship

The goal of “Text the Romance Back” is to provide couples, specifically women, with a better understanding of what triggers romantic feelings in men based on 3 concepts: teasing, appreciation and romantic safety — and how using this information via texting can help transform one’s romantic life. In his video presentation, Mr. Fiore shares stories of couples who have successfully used his text instructions to bring back the romance and passion into their relationship. 

For those seeking ways on how to spice up a relationship, “Text the Romance Back” might be a great place to start. Mr. Fiore is offering a 60 guarantee to help potential customers feel more confident with their purchase. 

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