Can you write an eBook? If you can, you can probably make some extra income. You can do one of many things to create an eBook: write it yourself (which is the most difficult), pay someone to do it for you, or use PLR articles as content. When you write your own eBook, you control the content, not someone else. Having an eBook done is one thing - getting someone to buy it is a completely different game. A good idea is to write your eBook, and then use Internet marketing to make sales with your finished product. To make sales, just follow the tips in this article.

The first thing you will need for your eBook is to set up your website. Do you have other websites? Perhaps a blog or two? Put advertisements on these to your eBook. Every reputable book sold on the Internet has a website. Your website, if it has a presence on the Internet, adds a believability factor for the buyer. There should be more than just a sales letter on this site. A good idea would be to add reader reviews and an "about me" page so people can get to know you. People shouldn't just visit the site one time. You want them to visit the site and leave it only to purchase your book.

The Kindle store will be the home of your eBooks on Amazon. There are many other places to sell eBooks too. Another place, the Nook store, is a place where e-publishers generate an income. Nook is actually part of the nationwide bookstore chain Barnes & Noble - it is their Internet division. Their eBook store is vast and being included in it is something that any epublisher can be proud of. By simply having the ability to upload your eBook to trusted sales portals like this, it is possible that you will be able to increase your online income substantially.

If possible, send a free copy to people that you actually trust who can give you their opinion. By doing this, they can leave their feedback on Barnes & Noble or Amazon for people to read. You can also ask them to recommend your book to their friends and family members. Free copies that are given away are actually extremely helpful. In the long run, it helps you quite a bit. Need to limit how many free copies you send out, only sending them to people that can help you make more cash. Your eBook sales can improve dramatically by doing certain things. Don't just sell your book from a sales page, or Tweet a few times that it is there. An eBook allows you to be creative, trying new and innovative ways to sell your product. You need to get started and get some work done today!

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