23 July, 2014: The Droid Ultra doesn’t have many physical buttons, just a power key and volume rocker on the device’s right edge. There are three capacitive buttons below the screen to control basic Android functions. Above the display is the earpiece and 2MP camera for vanity shots and self portraits. 

Around back you’ll find the Droid Ultra’s main 10-megapixel camera lens and LED flash. Ringing this imaging array is a sizable rectangular speaker grille. It belts out a surprising amount of volume, even more than the HTC One with its vaunted BoomSound — quite a feat for a handset so thin. Motorola took a similarly light-handed approach with the Droid Ultra’s software as it did with the Moto X. Running the same Android operating system (version 4.2.2), the Ultra’s OS is essentially stock Jelly Bean. That’s understandable given Motorola’s recent acquisition by Google, the technology wizards behind Android. 

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