08 August, 2014: The Gravity Q delivers little fun beyond the most essential cell phone features. For starters, the phone book holds 2,000 contacts with multiple fields per entry. Organizer features, which include a calculator, a calendar, an alarm clock, and a notepad, hold no surprises. You also get Bluetooth, voice dialing and commands, and a voice memo recorder, but no Wi-Fi. The Gravity Q supports a limited range of apps and comes stocked with three demo games. t 4.43 inches long by 2.35 inches wide by 0.56 inch deep, the Gravity Q is small, short, and fat with rounded ends and curved sides. In my hands, which are accustomed to using a big-screen smartphone, it felt instantly foreign, but more familiar the longer I held it. Given that I used to have a phone like the Gravity Q ages ago, it almost felt like an friend coming to visit. It’s heavier than it looks at 4.19 ounces and though it’s made of plastic, I’d feel more comfortable watching it take a tumble than I would a Galaxy S4 or an iPhone 5 .

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