26 August, 2014: The Satellite U845 is not particularly light for an ultrabook (3.7 pounds) nor thin (0.8 inch), keeping within the guidelines for larger 14- and 15-inch ultrabooks set by Intel, but emerging as a heftier laptop than the average 13-incher. It’s also heavier than the Toshiba Portege R935, a laptop that includes an optical drive and a faster CPU — and, in some configurations, costs less. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Welcome to the wide world of Toshiba laptop configurations. (There are four different Satellite U845 configurations on Toshiba’s Web site, but more on that later.) With a laptop this basic — as with many other ultrabooks and ultraportables — a lot comes down to keyboard and touch-pad design. Both range from fair to good. The raised keyboard is backlit, and shares the same build as the Satellite U845W’s keyboard. It also feels a little like a Portege’s keyboard. The keys feel narrower than average for a laptop, and my fingers slipped on keys when speed-typing. Also, a column of Page Up/Down keys on the right cramps access to Shift and Enter, which I hate. Maybe it won’t bother you as much.This Satellite U845 has all the necessary ports for a 2012 laptop: HDMI, a physical Ethernet jack (which was a little loose in our review sample), USB 3.0, an SD card slot, and Bluetooth, plus Intel Wireless Display compatibility. You don’t get a DVD drive. 

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