15 July, 2014: The Asus ET2300INTI presents a robust alternative to the dainty Vizio CA24T-A4 all-in-one. Where Vizio pared away features for the sake of a low-profile appearance, Asus has taken an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach with its midrange Windows 8 all-in-one. 

Asus went all-out in terms of equipping the ET2300INTI with up-to-date features, but it comes out looking better than the Vizio system even before we delve into the nonstandard core computing specs. The desktop CPU in the Asus provides a big advantage over the Vizio’s mobile chip. Asus also includes more system memory, a full-speed hard drive, and a discrete graphics card, all of which are better than their equivalent parts in the Vizio system.Asus includes no WiDi receiver with the ET2300INTI, so you need to bring your own. Even then, you may not have luck making a connection. I tried connecting to a WiDi-equipped TV from LG, and an error message popped up on the Asus system informing me that the LG’s adapter was not compatible with Windows 8. A fix could be a mere firmware update away, although the most recent update, from mid-November, was apparently not good enough.Aside from its core specs, Asus has added two features you won’t find in many Windows PCs: Thunderbolt ports and an Intel Wireless Display adapter. 

The Thunderbolt ports worked easily enough, extending the display over a single cable connected to an Apple Thunderbolt Cinema Display. We don’t have any other Thunderbolt devices on hand to test, which perhaps points to the larger question: will the likely buyers of this PC also want Thunderbolt? I suspect that they will not, but including Thunderbolt at least gives Asus a point of check-box parity with Apple’s newer iMac. 

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