China - When it refers to the operation process for car diagnostic tools, most of clients could not get the hang of this. So, how to better operate this device and which methods people could imitate to solve the commonly problem in this process? Today, the engineer from Truck diagnostic tool shop co., ltd which is the best manufacturer for car diagnostic tools will introduce with people this knowledge.

When people hand the car fault detector, they should first check the type of their car. However, the different type of car itself will lead to the using of different plugs of this detecting device. The most popular plugs in the current market should be the OBD2 and CAN OBD2 plug.

After select the properly plug, people need to find the vehicle diagnostic connector on the car, which is often located below the steering wheel left and right sides. When the step of connecting is over, the operation system could be normally opened.

After successful entering into the operation system, people need to carefully consider to operating this device. Please carefully check and read the operating manual about how to operate the Truck Diagnostic Tool ! Please note that not every kind of instrumentation operations should be the same! However, different cars types will have different operation process. People need to choose the right model of car and the right operating system they will enter into.

Some cars¡¯ operation system will be displayed into very easy steps and people could clearly see the compositions such as ABS airbag, engine control system and others. However, some cars¡¯ operation interface is very troubling and then people need to carefully rely on the description in the operation manual. All of these operations require certainly understanding and knowledge of the Truck Diagnostic Tools .

The engineer from also provides for people some basically measurements when people face with the situation that truck diagnostic tool cannot read the car computer. If people really meet with this problem, they could be in line with the below steps to deal with this problem.

First, people should check the detecting plugs of diagnostic tool and the plug seat of the car. Maybe it is the badly connection of these two parts which lead to this problem. If it is really in this condition, please quickly clean them.

Second, it should be the inner error of the diagnostic tool. For this case, people need to quickly upgrade the instrument and do detecting again. If it could be still not work, people need to get touch with the manufacturer.

Last, people need to carefully inspect the detector, data cable, plug detection, detection seat and other parts. Then, people should recheck these connections.

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