Most people are not happy with the way their teeth look, but there is always a solution to that; smile makeover. Before undergoing any form of smile makeover Mexico, you need to prepare adequately to ensure that you get the best. Here is a quick guide on what you need to do before any makeover.


The most important thing you have to do is understand the nature of procedure to undergo. This is however not entirely your decision to make. You will have to consult a dentist, explain your case and have a series of tests and checks done. Thereafter, the dental practitioner will recommend the best possible procedure. There is no superficial aesthetic problem that cannot be rectified today. Technology today has made it possible for anyone to afford a honest decent smile without having to spend a fortune. Most of these procedures are carried out abroad. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry if you can’t find the best dentist in your country.


The most common procedures are; porcelain vaneers, onlays and inlays, tooth whitening and dental implants. Tooth whitening is the most basic and simplest smile makeover procedure while others such as implants are a bit complicated and require high level of professionalism to get them right. Dentist always recommend that you should undertake any makeover while on your best oral health. Conditions such as tooth decay and gum diseases have to be addressed first before anything else can be done. This is especially important because some complications can be worsened through the process and therefore, you have to treat them first.


After establishing that you have the best possible foundation for any form of cosmetic procedure, the dentists can then advise on the next course of action. The health of your teeth and gum supersede any form of cosmetic treatment. Thereafter, you will be presented with a model/impression of the final results after the treatment. The mock-up is normally reviewed a couple of times to ensure that it comes out as perfectly as you might want it to be. All this while, each procedure is explained in details plus their respective results. It is only after your approval of the wax model that the dentists will go ahead with the procedure of choice.


A comprehensive smile makeover Mexico takes up to three weeks but it can be shorter but varies from one procedure to another. It is important to be careful and make the right choice on the nature of procedure because it will immensely affect the quality of the work done in the long run. You must also choose the right dentist or dental clinic because this  is a costly investment that you cannot afford to take risks with. If everything looks good, then you are ready for a brand new or enhanced smile.


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