02, April 2015: How to Play Storm Throne

Storm Throne is an Fantasy ARPG Web Game. You can team up with friends to challenge multiplayer dungeons and battles, occupy territories and create guilds to dominate the server!

But first you’ll have to choose your Class:

Paladins have great defense and are good as vanguards. Skills: Counterattack and healing.
Hunters attack from a distance with their arrows. Skills: Poison, freeze and speed reduction.
Rogues are fast and deadly. Skills: Sneaking, stun and crit.
Priests are great at aiding their teammates. Skills: Healing, strikeback, protection and draining health.
Mages cast powerful spells and deal huge amounts of damage. Skills: Ice storm, transforming into animals.
Warriors are very resistant and adept at close quarter combat. Skills: Chase and stun.


How to Level Up
Complete main quests and crusade quests to gain experience which you can use to level up.Refresh your crusade quests using Pyrum to get a 20 x EXP bonus!

EXP bonus

How to Recover EXP
Click on Daily Gift and open the Second Chance to recover your EXP and gold for the events that you have missed. You can use gold to recover 50% of the rewards or use Pyrum to recover 100% of the rewards.


We hope these tips were useful!
Free Novice Pack Redeem Code
Do you want a free Novice Pack? Use the code from Daily Prizes to claim your pack. Open it to receive amazing rewards!

Free Novice Pack

There are a lot of opportunities to get free items in Storm Throne, mainly from events and packs. Pay close attention to our official Facebook page for news and rewards!

Complete quests in the Royal Trials to obtain amazing rewards! You can receive Pyrum, Spartan Steeds and Marley’s Chains to boost your Battle Rating!

Royal Trials

Hurry up, though! These events are open only for limited time.Obtain rewards by completing specific quests for the first 14 days after the server opens.

Start playing today!

Storm Throne Official Website: http://www.s-throne.com/

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