For a middle school student, if you are considering losing weight, you have to choose the right method, for one side, you should consider whether there is a balance diet in your food, now, I would like to introduce you some.

For students, you have to do as following, the first one is to control the food calories to prevent more fat, on another hand, and you have to burn the fat.

  1. For middle school student, because you are in the puberty, you need a lot of nutrition, so, I do not suggest you take the diet method.
  2. Because there was a big effort for students, they had little time to do the sports, so they burn only little calories everyday, for girls, the estrogen will promote the produce of fat.

So, what you should do is to control the calories, you have to made what you use less than what you have. On food suggestion, it is necessary for you to have egg, 2 or more eggs are not allowed per day, to ensure the calories, you have to had more fish and meat, or some other milk, or protein food.

You can do some sports, such as running, 5 days per week, 20 minutes at least, skip the role or sit-ups are also the good choices for them.

If time is allowed, you can made yourself a diet plan, make what you burn is more that what you have, and promise the nutrition is ok.

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