28 June, 2014: Running is the best choice for weight loss exercise, which can not only exercise the muscles and enhance our lung capacity, and can make the skin firmer and more beautiful. And you can take some diet pills like meizitang to strengthen the effects, which can get from www.meizitangshop.com

1) Do not increase training and speed in a hurry. 
If there is no condition, then propose to increase running group in monthly as a unit. If no condition, make full marathon time no less than 10 months to 1 year for a transition. While many people have talent, and perseverance is amazing. However, there is no basis for a smooth transition to run, it is likely to be injured or tired of running. 

2) Never let yourself hate running. 
High -intensity training will make people uncomfortable, and not feel well if run with an empty stomach. Most running friends are not professional athletes, there are many uncontrollable factors in life. Once you get uncomfortable, you ‘ll hate running on the heart, and you ‘ll find a variety of reasons in the subconscious escape training, then there will be no way to insist running. You can take botanical slimming soft gel get more energy. 

3) Stop running even feel a little discomfort. 
When running, the body should be in a good state, Brain secretes a variety of exciting dopamine, tissue fluid also lubricates. Once the muscles, bones, ligaments, there is a slight feeling of discomfort, in fact, will be severely than expected. So to slow down or even completely stopped walking. Generally small injuries can heal within 48h. If you do not explain the injury is not healing light. To pay attention to the small cumulative injuries will become big injuries so you can not train for months. By the time you have to start from scratch, For people of faith is not a combat training is not completed entirely comparable. 

4) Do not rush the game without preparation. 
Competition in the long distance race is complete the daily training, rather than the will. Many people are willing to finish the marathon as triumph. In the case of injury does not have to spell out the conditions, and even pay with their lives. But as an amateur runner, a marathon finish pointless. Healthy competition can be perennial is the real victory. 

5) Continuous training is more important than the occasional surprise. 
Keep the body ‘s condition, reasonable grasp of rhythm training, training is the best way I think of. Process easy, given the results to improve the dawn. But usually not trained by 2 months before the assault to finish a race. Usually in a hurry and panic. 

Follow the above tips and he can get better losing weight result than usual.