Getting into a good university course is getting more and more challenging every day.  With so many strong candidates out there, knowing how to set yourself apart and put yourself in the most positive light can make the difference between the heartbreak of missing out on the course that you want and the sweet feeling of victory of getting to attend your dream course.  The personal statement is where you have the chance to really showcase your skills and your personality, creating a positive impression for the university and ensuring that they want you admitted onto their course.


A sense of positivity is important in a personal statement.  It is integral that you show yourself off in a way that exhibits your self confidence and belief in yourself.  Universities want to know that you know yourself and believe that you are capable of handling the pressures and challenges of their course.  Since they have never met you before and have no other information to go on, there is no benefit to hiding behind false modesty or forgetting to really showcase yourself.  Although it can feel strange to talk yourself up, it is a completely necessary skill to have if you hope to get yourself admitted to a coveted course at university.


It is important to show that you understand that the course is not all fun and games; the way that you do this in a positive light is by showing that you have faced adversity in the past and have found a way to overcome it.  This shows the admission board that you are not bragging or full of false confidence, but instead that you have learned over the years how to exert yourself and push yourself through different challenges.  This is exactly the sort of positive impression that the admissions board wants to see—a student who will work hard and can adapt him or herself to the needs of an academically rigorous course.


When you talk about your past, this is one of the best ways to show that you are someone who has grown over the years and have come out the other side as a strong student who will be an asset onto any course.  This is best done by using your personal statement to reflect that you are someone who has learned new skills and become a stronger person through the application of past experiences and challenges.  A positive attitude is important as it shows the admissions board that you have a good attitude and will be able to bounce back from anything that the course throws at you.


Although it is good to talk about past challenges and consider your own weaknesses so that the admissions board knows that you are capable of real self reflection, it is absolutely essential that you do so in a positive manner which shows that you are not overly humble or negative about yourself.  After all, since this is the only thing they have to judge you by, you do not want their only impression of you to be one of negativity.  Throughout the writing of your personal statement, it is important to keep in mind your audience and what you are trying to achieve—you want to get onto a course that many other people want to get onto, so you need to ensure that when the admissions board is reading through your personal statement, they are seeing someone who is strong, positive, and able to learn from previous experiences.



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