The wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life. Naturally, we all want our wedding to be perfect. And perfection can be reached only if all the elements that form the entire wedding atmosphere are perfect, too.

Some of the most common elements of a wedding are represented by flowers. To be considered truly perfect, flowers need to be a symbol of the love shared by the happy couple, spread a lovely fragrance and feature beautiful colours.

But flowers are beautiful and fragrant only when they are fresh, because when they begin to wilt, their colours start to fade, and so does their fragrance. Luckily, happy couples and event decorators can preserve the freshness of wedding flowers by following some tips.

The first tip is to purchase your wedding flowers Solihull exactly on the day of your wedding. This is recommended especially during wintertime, when flowers tend to wilt very rapidly, even if they are kept somewhere protected from extreme heat.

But what if the floral arrangements that you plan to create are too complex and cannot be brought into existence on the same day of your wedding? This means that they would have to be created one or two days before the wedding.

Creating your floral arrangements one or two days before the actual event means cutting the flowers at least two or three days before the event. In other words, the flowers Solihull that you would admire at your wedding would have to be cut several days prior to the event.

If you order your wedding flowers Solihull from a reliable flower shop, you do not have to worry about the freshness of your flowers, because the professionals there know how to preserve the fragrance and beauty of any flower, guaranteeing perfection throughout the entire event where the flowers will be used.

In general, professional florists keep flowers Solihull in buckets filled with cool water from the moment of their arrival at the flower shop until they start to be used in creating various floral arrangements. Once the arrangements are made, stems are again placed in containers of cool waters.

To help the plants use their energy the right way, dead leaves are removed. The removal of dead leaves and petals is good not only for allowing the plant to redirect its energy to the parts that matter the most, namely to those that are in development or already developed, not to those that are dying, but also for creating an arrangement that showcases freshness and beauty.

The way cuttings are made is another factor that can influence a plant’s freshness. If the stem is cut diagonally while in a container filled with cool water, the plant will resist much more in a vase. Cuttings should be carefully made with a knife or garden shears.

Do you want to enjoy your wedding flowers Solihull for a long time, even long after your guests are gone? Changing their water on a regular basis and keeping them in a cool place may be a good solution, but nothing can compare to preparing flowers Solihull for your wedding. Preserving the freshness and beauty of wedding flowers starts not at your wedding, but from the moment of cutting them. If you want to benefit from truly fresh and beautiful wedding flowers that are professionally cut and arranged with care to form centerpieces, arrangements or bouquets, contact us today.