As we age we frequently wonder if the forgetfulness is becoming worse, and the topic of how to improve your memory has surely come up in your own mind even when you have never mentioned it to another. Memory exercises, memory games and other concepts all offer to help, a lot of people take supplements that guarantee to do the same. Articles and books line a great number of shelves with scientific research into the trend. Losing memory has long been regarded part of old age, like having poor eyesight or losing your hearing but there is no reason to let this condition deteriorate further when you can make a start now and stop it in it's tracks. It would be nice to say everyone had photographic memories, however there are certain steps we can take to improve how ours works though we haven't yet reached the stage where old age kicks in.

The very first hurdle to get across is mentally informing yourself you have a terrible memory. Once you keep reinforcing this negative idea your memory will not enhance because you do not believe it can. Making a conscious effort to develop your memory is fruitless if you don't believe it can really happen. Keeping yourself motivated can be a start to getting your memory up and running, even small achievements like remembering a number or a name is really worth celebrating. Keeping an open mind to whatever tools you come across to help improve memory is important. For example using games to improve your memory makes it feel like you aren't really performing much but they have been presented to be quite effective. Whatever reason you have decided to improve your memory having faith that you really can is one of the most important steps in how to improve your memory skills.

The most convenient way to improve memory is by association. Remember how when you were in school they presented you rhymes or mnemonics to remember things? Those little stories are very likely still with you, even the rhymes to recall the directions on a compass, but silly will more than likely pop back into your mind when summoned even though this has been years since you used it. These little techniques are used by educators when working on how to improve your own memory for school work since they really do help you remember more. Applying the same approach to names, numbers and other details you need to recall in everyday life is just as easy. A phone number can be made into a storyline containing the digits, a name tend to be put to a quick tune or just beat you can hum and jog your memory when needed. Many remember hours of school reciting without remembering a thing. Reciting may work for many students but often it just becomes a dull drone and the information is lost.

Another way of enhancing your memory is a process called chunking. Chunking is great for how to improve your memory for researching since it groups information together, possibly by topic or lesson. Rather than trying to remember individual things like dates bearing in mind all the dates together in a long string can help keep those dates together rather than separating them out. One example is dates of different wars can be seen as 1812193919111774 or they could be broken into groups of 4 and considered to be the years for different wars and reorganized to make a pair of ascending dates. These are undoubtedly easier to remember than a long string of numbers.

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