It is important that you learn how to build a profitable list if you want to succeed at Internet Marketing. You know this already. Most of the time, people will be told that the money is in the list - no list, no money! In some ways, the statement does make a good point. If you're looking to make money online, e-mailing your list is the way to go. Sure you'll make a few sales through your website but you'll make more through the emails that you send out. There is actually a lot more to e-mail marketing than broadcasting an e-mail asking people to buy something from you.

Rule number one - never collect e-mails unless you have the permission and consent of the subscriber. An opt in box is one thing. Where this gets problematic is that anyone can enter an e-mail address into the box. Anyone can avoid any potential problems (like being called a spammer!) by simply having a confirmation e-mail sent out after the person subscribes. Once this is sent out, and they confirm, you cannot be accused of sending unwanted e-mails. Once they have confirmed, they are in essence agreeing to receive your e-mails.

Before you send out any email, run it through the test. The simplest method for this is basically to just send it to yourself and to a few trusted friends. This is the easiest way to make sure that your graphics and your code look and perform the way you want them to. It's important to remember is that Internet Service Providers often display your emails in different ways. So, before you send your emails out, make sure you like how they look. The only way to see the same thing your recipients see is to send the email to yourself.

Work as hard as possible both to build and then to keep the trust of the people on your list. You can do this by only promoting something that you think is worth being promoted. Make sure you test everything yourself before you promote it. After all, would you recommend a product to your best friend before you know for sure that it is as great as the hype says it is? No, right? What, then, makes you think it's okay to do that to the people on your opt-in list? Recommending a product that won't do its job is the fastest way to completely lose the trust of your email list. You cannot regain trust once you have lost it.

In conclusion, you need to pay attention to the details when you start doing your e-mail marketing campaigns. E-mail marketing has very little to do with blasting meaningless e-mails with links leading to an order page. You need to master the art of sending e-mails - those that do this the right way make a lot of money because of their efforts. Use these tips to help you secure the foundation of your email marketing list.

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