Whether it is professionally or socially, a good handshake is renowned for having a big impact on that very important, first impression. So how can you make sure your handshake is on point? By getting a grip!

Many people can spend hours picking out an outfit, they can go the extra mile to ‘get the bill’ but in a matter of seconds your handshake can easily let you down, putting all of that hard work and thought to waste.

Recruiters will often describe a good handshake as firm and confident. When you are able to shake someone’s hand while looking them in the eye with a firm grip you are portraying a sense of power and more than likely making the right impression.

A soft handshake can easily be a turn-off for a future employee, business partner or even someone you meet socially. So how can you avoid making that disappointing first impression? You need to have a strong grip!

Grip strength is something that can make everyday life easier as it is something we use in everyday tasks and activities, including a handshake.

The reality is, that every handshake will be different, some people will present you with a strong grasp, and others may have a looser grasp but a more pronounced shaking action. By being prepared with a stronger grip you will be better prepared for most grip styles.

To improve your grip strength you can use a hand gripper for a few minutes each day. Hand grippers are available to purchase online and affordable being under 20USD.

Hand grippers work by you simply holding them in the palm of your hand and using a squeezing motion to close the two handles. This movement isolates your hand and forearm muscles which is engaged during a handshake.

Once you have a stronger grip the next step is building that confidence and ensuring you make eye contact. A handshake with no eye contact can be perceived as rude and careless.

With a strong grip, eye contact and confidence your handshake will be more likely to make a lasting impression and avoid making you seem weak and/or powerless.

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