Love might be a beautiful feeling but being loved is an extremely blissful emotion. However, not every person is blessed with the gift of loving and being loved at the same time. Many times individuals find themselves in situations where they fall in love with another person who is least interested in that relationship and who does not want to be with that person. This feeling of rejection is utterly disappointing and many individuals get depressed. The feeling and pain of unrequited love takes a toll on the emotional and physical well being of the person and that person might never believe in love again.

How to deal with unrequited love? How to get over this feeling, forget everything and start afresh? At this point of time the only best counselor is none other than the person who is a victim of unrequited love. It takes a lot of courage to stay positive during this time. Many individuals do all that they can to get back their love. But not all are successful. It is time they face the realty and stop making a fool of themselves. The link below offers great points that they should do to break free from their unrequited love and move on with their lives.

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