As you probably know, Facebook is a marketing medium that has few rivals on the Internet today. Not just something that "the kids are doing", it has become a prominent part of our society. In fact, Internet marketers, independent contractors, and companies all around the world use it to portray what their company is offering on their account as well as their fan page. Of course setting up the account is not going to be enough to make your fan page popular. Your fan page will be more or less popular based upon the number of "likes" you get each week. By following the tips in this article, you will be able to increase your popularity literally overnight.

Put the widget from Facebook on your site. This is one of the simplest methods to let your visitors know that you have a fan page on Facebook. The widget isn't difficult to create. Facebook has the tool already set up. You simply have to make the widget, change its design to look how you want and then insert the code into your site. The ideal location for the widget is the sidebar, though some people prefer to dedicate a whole page to them or place them on their footers. The widget links to your page but also reveals the number of people who "like" you.

Even if it is rather embarrassing at first, once it starts to increase, the number itself could serve to get more people on board.

Run a competition. This can be a little complicated now because Facebook modified their rules. Read them properly before you start off with your contest to ensure you won't accidentally be breaking the rules. You can get around Facebook's strict policy on contests by putting the contest on your site and asking people to give you "likes" for a chance to win the competition, which will allow you to circumvent Facebook's insistence that you spend a lot of money on advertising to run the contest on their site. People adore competitions. This is a highly effective way to obtain "likes!"

If you connect your Facebook and Twitter, you'll be able to update both systems at the same time so whatever you post on Twitter will appear on Facebook and vice versa. This way people on Twitter who follow you will know you have a Facebook page and might be tempted to not only visit it but also become fans. The character count is also something you can work with. If your Facebook update is more than 140 characters, people on Twitter are going to have to click through to see the rest of your update. It's an excellent way to generate traffic and if your posts are interesting people will want to know when you put something up so they will like you.

You have many solutions when it comes to gaining more popularity on Facebook. You can link from sites, emails, etc. Contests can be run. You have the option of advertising your page directly. Imagination is the key to success. Simply creating your page isn't enough. You have to do a lot of work to make sure it deserves to be "liked" and once you've done that it won't take long before you can take advantage of your Facebook popularity to increase your sales.

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