Undergoing a bathroom or kitchen renovation project can be one of the greatest or most harrowing experiences in your life as a homeowner. Hopefully you’ll never find yourself starring in a real-life version of “The Money Pit”, but if things go wrong and you inadvertently deny your lovely family the use of their own shower and toilet for an extended period of time, you’ll start to feel the heat. Keep reading to find out why it’s best to not undertake a DYI tiling project, and to find out how to find the top kakelsättare in your area to choose from, and hire the best plattsättarefor your budget and tastes.


If you’re only considering a tiling project for your bathroom for the moment, then you might find yourself thinking more and more about undertaking your own retiling project, or being your own plattsättare. After all, there are plenty of DYI shows on television nowadays, where the project is explained step-by-step, so what could go wrong? The truth is, a lot could go wrong. When you’re working with tiles you need to measure twice before you cut once, as a professional plattsättare can tell you. Bathroom and kitchen tiles are made from a very wide variety of materials, and so you might need to use a specialized saw to get your cutting work done—if you use the wrong saw, you could crack and damage the tiles before you’ve even applied them.


If you leave the tiles partly laid, and then step on them before the surface has dried, you’ll notice your floor is uneven when it’s all done. The tiles can shift from side to side, messing up your alignment, and if it dries by the time you realize what’s happened, then it’s money out the window. Mistakes caused by inexperience, lack of qualification or lack of time can end up costing you more than the money you saved by doing the work yourself in the first place. If you’re having any doubts at all about finishing on time, on budget or at all, you should start looking for a reliable plattsättare.


The first place you should look for reputable kakelsättare is your circle of acquaintances, friends and family. Word of mouth is always the best calling card a business could have, and it’s a great way to find professional and passionate kakelsättare. At the least, you’ll get a few names of kakelsättare not to contract, which could save you a lot of trouble later in the future.


Next, you should look online for reputable kakelsättare. Remember, you should never let price be the only factor in deciding on a contractor or in choosing between two different kakelsättare. There are plenty of online forums and websites dedicated to tiling and tile patterns, materials and contractors, so you can find out more about taking on the project yourself, but you can also find professional contractors to help you out. Most importantly, though, remember to always choose a company that is insured.




Find out how to go about locating a reliable plattsättare for your bathroom or kitchen renovation, and see what you should be looking for in professional kakelsättare to get the results you’re looking for.