11, April 2015: Author Axel Lopez’s “How to Do Successful Business in Latin America, Your Own Guide to Export and Import” assists entrepreneurs on initiating businesses in the Latin American region and provides tips on how to gain success in the export, import trade. 

The European and Asian markets, which are commonly targeted by businessmen are highly congested while Latin American countries hold a better potential for upcoming and established entrepreneurs. However originating trade in this region can be challenging due to the lack of guidance. The solution for this comes with “How to Do Successful Business in Latin America, Your Own Guide to Export and Import”. According to the author, a diverse consumer market of more than 550 million people awaits business in the Latin American countries. The consumer market in these countries demands a wide range of products ranging from food to technology to services. The advantage of carrying out business in the Latin American region over Europe and Asia are the incentives of the multilateral and bilateral free-trade agreements between U.S. and many Latin American countries. These agreements will also provide a competitive edge for US businessmen over rivals of other regions. The free trade agreements lay a solid and comfortable foundation to enter and expand business in Latin America and help to compete on prices, quality, as well as offering prompt delivery of goods and services. An extensive and informative explanation on the free trade agreements can be accessed through the book. The author also reflects on the contribution of US based business in the economic growth of many Latin American countries. Through the free trade agreements US businessmen can also promote business, initiate factories and provide employment opportunities. Axel Lopez, with two decades of experience elaborates on the unique features of dealing with different Latin American countries in the book. 

The book “How to Do Successful Business in Latin America, Your Own Guide to Export and Import”, educational for businessmen in the trade and enlightening for novices to the trade, can be purchased at amazon.com and kindle.com. Why wait? Get started with a successful business in the Latin American region with the guidance and tips of Axel Lopez. 

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