A unique dissolving kidney stones device dissolves any size and type of kidney stone. Dr Allen‘s Device for Kidney Care places the natural thermoelements near to kidneys and thus tackles the cause of the kidney stones formation naturally.

London, UK - July 10, 2010 -- Neither conventional nor complementary medicines offer a similar approach to the treatment of kidney stones.

* Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is a sore method of treatment and, also, has possible side effects such as hypertension (as a result of kidney tissue damage) and even diabetes (as a result of pancreas damage). ESWL does not discontinue kidney stones formation in the future.

* The method to drink plenty of juice or bicarbonate soda, both of which working opposite way, help to relieve the symptoms but it does not dissolve kidney stones. While pouring an excess of water into themselves, people often feel like overinflated balloons ready to burst. Occasionally they get fed up with it and sometimes plenty of water simply won‘t help. The kidney stones remain within the kidney; undissolved and ready to increase in size should there be a reduced liquid intake. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, the symptoms of renal colic may start again.

So, how to dissolve kidney stones? At Fine Treatment, we offer you a natural and effective alternative to tiresome operations and procedures on how to dissolve kidney stones. Take advantage of our innovative kidney treatment device which has no side effects.

Dr Allen has designed the device for easy and effective use. The patient only has to wear the belt, into which the special natural thermo-elements are incorporated. The belt is made of a soft material which makes it comfortable to wear over the whole treatment period. Other features of Dr Allen‘s Device for Kidney Care are that it is easy to adjust in size to fit the contours of the body and that it does not impede movements.

As has explained by Dr Simon Allen in his ´Theory of The Origin of Health Disorders‘ in a core of various health problems is a physical factor. It means that to recover from such problem in any specific organ or area people have to eliminate the damaging physical factor.

The Thermobalancing Therapy invented by Dr Simon Allen strives to halt and reverse progression of kidney stones formation by tackling them at the level of capillaries, tiny blood vessels, inside the affected parts of the body and dissolves kidney stones completely.

Why is The Thermobalancing Therapy Essential?

Current attempts of the treatment with low temperatures decrease cellular metabolism and therefore interfere with natural replenishment of the tissue and healing with high temperatures destroys delicate cells of the already stressed tissue. It is known that temperatures over 40 Cº can result in death of the living organism. Therefore extreme temperatures cannot be seen as positive factors for the recovery of health disorder in any organs or areas of the body. Thus the Thermobalancing Therapy which maintains the normal body temperature in the affected organ is an essential treatment of the human body.

How can be a unique Thermobalancing therapy achieved?

The natural thermoelements which are made of a special mix of natural materials are a key part of Dr Allen‘s device for Kidney Care. Other materials do not achieve the same temperature-stabilising effect. The effectiveness of Dr Allen‘s Devices is in the improvement of the blood flow inside the kidney‘s tissue. Dr Allen‘s Device creates a favourable situation for the fine blood capillaries to stabilise the body temperature within the organ‘s tissue and thereby reduces the internal pressure that improves function of kidneys. The video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEV0ty3J8aE explains the benefits of the Dr Allen‘s Device for Kidney Care.

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