In order to select the best HDMI cables for your purposes, it is important to know the necessary HDMI cable format required by the device(s). Trying to use a cable with the incorrect format can result in damage the device(s), and prevent an HDMI connection from being made. 

The different types of HDMI cable formats are: 

The standard HDMI cable: The standard cable most often used by the typical home entertainment systems such as HD TVs and Blu-Ray players. 

HDMI cable with Ethernet: The HDMI cable with Ethernet has the capability to maximize resolution up to 3840x2160p, and also allow HDMI compliant devices to connect to the Ethernet, which could allow access to the Internet. Gamers find these to be the best HDMI cables for their gaming experience. 

HDMI mini/micro cables: The HDMI mini/micro cables are designed for devices with smaller inputs, such as smart phone and digital video cameras. 

HDMI extension cable: The HDMI extension cable, does exactly as the name proclaims, allows HDMI connection to be extended in cases where a single cable is not long enough, without causing any type of change to the signal transmission. 

HDMI flat cable: The HDMI flat cable, is a very thin cable that can easily be hidden beneath carpeting or secured along a wall for aesthetic appeal purposes. 

HDMI to DVI cables: The HDMI to DVI cables allows HDMI compatible devices to be connected to devices using the obsolete DVI technology. So for anyone who has recently purchased a newer plasma TV and still owns an older DVD player, this may be the cable required to watch DVDs. 

HDMI switch splitters: HDMI switch splitters allow one HDMI input to deliver a signal to more than one output. Meaning a Blu-Ray player and PlayStation can both receive signal transmission at the same time. 

Selecting the best HDMI cables for your home entertainment purpose is as simple as selecting the correct HDMI cable format for the job you need done., Inc
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