One needs special knowledge and skills to provide oilfield services, so one can’t be surprised to find that there are relatively few companies who can work on projects of this type. This article will focus on helping you find a way to hire the right oilfield services contractor, to handle all your pipe haul needs. Oilfield services are an integral part of every phase of oil drilling, from constructing the oilfield, operating it, and all the way to the demolition stage of the project. Most of the time oilfields can be found in remote regions on the planet, on-shore or off-shore, and these areas may not be accessible to all types of vehicles, so you will need a variety of machines for any extensive oilfield project.


It stands to reason, thus, that any professional oilfield services company will have an extensive fleet, composed of different types of machines, to cover all your specific needs. Pilot trucks and hotshot trucks are light-duty vehicles included in most company fleets. These trucks can be used for towing purposes also, and they can help with your pipe haul needs. Bed truck tractors, on the other hand, are better suited to carry heavier loads, and can service your pipe haul requirements, when the pipes exceed normal measurements. If you can have your contractor equip the bed truck tractors with winches, they can carry the heaviest and biggest pipes, and can suit any pipe haul project.


Since most of the equipment transported is incredibly heavy, any slight or misstep can cause expensive damages. If you’re lucky enough to not have any workers get hurt, or worse even, lose their life in such a scenario, you’ll still be left with damages totaling thousands, if not even millions of dollars. Helping prevent costly mistakes is one of the principal reasons why you should seek the help of a professional contractor, offering quality oilfield services and a top-of-the-line training scheme for all its employees. After all, proper training of company personnel should greatly reduce the possibility of having accidents caused by human error.


As you’re researching companies offering oilfield services, it’s normal to be on the lookout for a good deal, or to feel drawn to the most cost-effective service packs some companies offer. However, tread carefully and don’t let the cost of the service you’re contracting become your main concern, or the deciding factor in your search for a company. This doesn’t mean that you should always choose the highest-priced contractor, as this doesn’t guarantee a successful collaboration either. However, do take into account more factors than the total sum that will appear on your bill, if you want to find a well-rounded contractor who will provide a quality service.


Look for a company that will have a large number of clients, but not too large—in the end, you want a company whose services are in demand, but if their work schedule is too busy, and they cannot dedicate their full attention to the needs of your project, that won’t work either. Look for companies who have services governmental institutions in the past, as well as other large, or well-known accounts.

Don’t cut your search short if you need a good pipe haul contractor. Widen your search and consider all the options when choosing a Oilfield Services company, to ensure you’ll get the best results when your project is completed.