Every story starts with someone who decides to buy kombucha. After the tea is savored for the first time and the health benefits are more than obvious, that someone will want to have access to that beverage at any time. And this is the point when he or she decides that it is more useful to just grow a kombucha mushroom. More about this kombucha culture and how to get it will be discussed below.


We have to admit that the process of making this beverage at home does not appeal to everyone. And even if the process itself wouldn’t be a problem, the fact that you have to wait for at least 10 days in order to enjoy the drink is a bit of a turn off. So to anyone with little experience in the field, and particularly to those who consider trying it for the first time, the most natural option would be to simply buy kombucha.


From where can you purchase this popular drink? Basically, you can go to the nearest health food stores from your home or make an online research and place an order. Either way, chances are you will have little knowledge on whether your tea is organic or not. And you will most likely have little clue on whether the kombucha mushroom used for that drink was in a good condition.


Some decide to just test different teas from different manufacturers and stick with the one they like most. Others order special starter kits that include, apart from the culture, several tools that are incredibly useful in the process of brewing these bacteria.


Would you enjoy one mature kombucha culture and one mature starter tea — meaning the natural yeast — plus some tea leafs, sugar brews, muslin tea bags, cloth covers and rubber bands? This is what most kits provide you. The question you need to ask yourself however is whether the mushroom will be shipped as dehydrated or not. Chances are you will get it dry and no matter what you are told about it keep in mind that this is not as efficient for you.


Instead of using a dry kombucha mushroom you would better directly buy the drink. Or do all the efforts for learning how to cultivate the bacteria and the yeasts at home. You can address to reliable online or offline specialized shops and purchase all the necessary ingredients. You will need to buy kombucha mother, tea and sugar, plus the jar in which you will keep it. Look for online guides to have a better understanding on how the process should evolve and after that be very patient. Opening the jar before those 7 to 10 days necessary for the SCOBY to grow and ferment the tea can jeopardize the entire process.


If you really want it, you can simply buy kombucha. Or you can purchase the kombucha mushroom and do your own beverage. Either way, you must use the finest ingredients and the best kombucha culture you can find.