Inspiring Pharmacist-Entrepreneurs: Author Blair Thielemier, PharmD Announces the Release of “How to Build a Pharmacy Consulting Business: Your Rx for Finding Freedom and Loving Your Career” to inspire and educate Pharmacists on Consultant Career Options.

Pocahontas, AR, March 29, 2016 — Author Blair Thielemier, PharmD knows from personal experience the career path you worked so hard to achieve may not always go as planned. Pharmacists are licensed to dispense medication and improve patient outcomes. They spend many years honing their skills through coursework and clinical experience. After years of working as a traditional clinical Pharmacist she was forced to make a sudden change.  She bridged the gap between her training and Entrepreneurship to create new business model. She will launch her new book How to Build a Pharmacy Consulting Business: Your Rx for Finding Freedom and Loving your Career on 1 April 2016.

Throughout history Entrepreneurs have been a group of people that drives change. They often create new ways of doing things and take action on their ideas. They share common traits such as self-motivation and the ability to create solutions. Thielemier now joins this group and encourages other Pharmacists to become Pharmapreneurs in order to advance the profession of pharmacy.

Thielemier is an independent consultant pharmacist living in Arkansas with her husband and daughter. Thielemier described the feedback she received from her book, “It is truly amazing what arming someone with information can do. Within days of reading this book, pharmacists from around the country began emailing me thanking me for putting this information into a succinct guide.” “This book contains the information I wish I had known when first starting my business. Now, I want to share the tips, action steps and best practices I have learned to decrease the learning curve and help kickstart your consulting business,” she said.

Thielemier is the founder of the Pharmapreneur Academy a contributing author for Pharmacy Times and guest host on the Pharmacy Podcast.  How to build a Pharmacy Consulting Business provides a roadmap for other Pharmacists creating a business with flexibility and freedom.  Learn more at: Amazon.  She is available for interviews and appearances at: [email protected]
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