China - After wholesale large amount of welding rod from China famous manufacturer Zhejiang Yongxiang, most of clients should not have fully understanding about how to better store these purchased welding wires. Today, the professional engineer from this China supplier will give people detailed information about storage for these welding wire and electrode products.

First, the environment of warehouse where will be used for storing and keeping the welding wire should have a dry and ventilated condition and the moisture condition of the outside environment should be totally avoided. People should also refuse store the welding rod with water, acid, alkali, other highly volatile liquid and corrosive material existence. Otherwise, there will be very seriously consequence in the near future.

Secondly, the welding wire should be placed on wooden pallets and they cannot be placed directly on the floor or close to the wall as the moisture from the floor and wall will affect the function of welding consumables and wire. Please do not ignore this point as the small action could also do greatly effect to the product¡¯s quality and working performance.

Thirdly, when people are accessing and handling welding wire, they should be careful not to break the package of these products especially for the shrink film package. This point should be carefully noted by each people otherwise the long time storage will largely influence the quality of these welding wires.

Fourthly, after people open the package of the welding wire, people need to use up all of these wires as soon as possible within one week. Once the wire is directly exposed to the air, it will greatly shorten the time of rust especially in humid and corrosive environment.

Fifthly, factory need to strictly obey the principle of using the early purchased welding wire and try their best to minimizing inventory time of each package of goods. Only in that way could people better optimize the inventory of these welding wires.

On the other hand, related factories should also store and put these welding wires strictly based on wire types, specifications and other factors, which could help to prevent the incorrect using.

If people who have already wholesaled welding wires and electrode from Zhejiang Yongxiang could strictly obey all of these rules before, they could let the quality of their products in the inventory become better and better. For more information about these products, please kindly view official website of this famous China manufacturer

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