Major Press Release 1st February 2010
Introduce Their Infallible Racing System for 2010
How to Bet & Win in every Race Whatever the Meeting

´Stephen Baggs‘ The Chairman of today launched their unbelievable Revolutionary Racing System that has been specifically designed for you to Win every Race you enter either on the Flat or Jumps or a combination of both ´you just cannot lose‘, if you follow their instructions.

You can go to where they give you the systems to make your selections, here you can download for purchase through the unbeatable Galloping Major Racing Systems 13 part Ebook at the unbelievable one off Price of $49.00 US Dollars now available in ´M S Word and PDF Format‘ covering 6000 words plus how you can become a Racing Specialist, and have confidence in making investments on Horse Racing and really expect to win every time you bet.

? How many times have you heard punters say‘ I fancied the winner but I backed the third, and the second also interested me. Based on these statements the Chairman said they developed the following unbeatable betting system to Win every Race you Enter by applying pure logic to pure and applied mathematics to an accumulative daily Winning Staking Plan.

So here is the revolutionary Galloping Major Racing System that you have been waiting for: You evaluate the Form and Ratings of every Horse in a Race that has 8 or more Runners, using the EBook.

From your evaluation you select the best Three Horses as your Selections, for Race 1 and then you back each one 1 point Each Way in the same race, where one of your selections is the Favourite, you invest 2 points to Win.

You then Collect your Winnings from Race 1 from all three horses backed, and then you reinvest the total return received three ways as stated above on Races two, three, four, five, and six, (Depending on your individual staking plan you can either reinvest the total Return from Each Race on the Next Race or you can keep back 50% and only reinvest 50%. (The most important thing to remember here is that you must have the confidence to continue to reinvest throughout all Six races no matter how high your Returns are until the end of Race Six.

Go ´Now‘ to and purchase through ´Click bank‘ The unbeatable EBook that gives you the systems that you need to make your selections for the above to make your continuous daily Winning Streak begin.